Ufford PUNCH February 2019

Page 25, Ufford PUNCH, February 2019 Mondays ……...….. Tuesdays…………. Wednesdays….…... Thursdays …….… Fridays…………… Saturdays ……..…. Mothers’ Union …. Parent & Toddler Group 13:30 - 15:15, Melton, during term time Morning prayer 09:30, Melton Said Eucharist 10:00, Melton. Evening prayer, 17:00, Melton No service Morning prayer 09:00, Ufford Said Eucharist 10:00, Ufford - Messy Church February 9, 11:00, Melton No m eeting in February. Mrs Marguerite Kenny T: 01394 420817 Mrs Jan Purcell T: 01394 460338 ST MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION, UFFORD (United Benefice with St Andrew’s Church, Melton) Rector of Melton & Ufford: Revd Paul Hambling Assistant Priest: Canon Penny Brown Church Office, St Andrew’s Church, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1PX T: 01394 387491 E: rector.uffordmelton@gmail.com W: www.uffordchurch.org.uk Churchwardens of Ufford: Dear friends, the beginning of a new year is a reflective time, looking back on the changes the old year brought and forward to the changes the new year may bring. In the quiet of the post-Christmas holidays, surrounded by oceans of used wrapping paper and fallen pine needles; this month’s theme of recycling made me think of the incredible changes that have taken place over the course of my life time to date. From the Corona man delivering fizzing drinks to our home and the coal man on his rounds to the ordering of grocer- ies on line and heating our homes remotely by the touch of a mobile phone! Many of these changes have been good for the environment but others have been detrimental. Who could have foreseen what dreadful consequences the wonderful in- vention of plastic would have? Today’s problem solving prod- uct becoming tomorrow’s problem. For years I have been buying bottles of sparkling water, or food on plastic trays happily secure in the belief that because I was religiously recycling them all I was doing no harm to the environment. Blue Planet and other environmentally focused programmes successfully shattered that illusion and confront us all with the reality that to save the world we have to change our behaviour. We have to become more aware of the consequences of the choices we make in all areas of our lives and face up to the challenge of changing our ways. What we wear, how we holiday, where we live, what we eat and drink, how often we wash, travel, shop… in every aspect of our lives the choices we make effect the natural world around us. Per- sonally I find this a huge challenge, I am used to a particular way of living and the kind of changes I need to make seem overwhelming, but every journey starts with a small step - for me it will be buying a soda stream, what will it be for you? And here’s a prayer that may help us all along the way. ‘God of wisdom, guide us in the choices we make each day, in what we buy, how we travel and what we reuse. Enable us to live in harmony with your wonderful creation so future generations may enjoy it too.’ Amen. Canon Penny LOIS M ELIAS 1925-2018 The only way to move into a new village in your seventies is to throw yourself into the community from the start. That’s ex- actly what Lois Elias and husband Bruce did in 1996 when they moved to Ufford. Not holding back for a moment, they quickly became active members of St. Mary’s, where Lois was in charge of the church flowers, applying her artistic skills to creating beautiful floral arrangements. Moreover, she created the Nativity scene using hessian figures she made, and she designed and introduced the first of many Easter Gardens to St Mary’s. Her artistic talents were also evident in the design of her own beautiful garden at The Cottage, a treat when Ufford opened gardens to public display. Getting involved meant joining in. Lois joined the WI, the Garden Club, a book club and joined in most events and timely activities staged by the village, such as The Millennium, the World Cup and Gar- den Club Show, running a stall, entering homemade cakes, jams, paintings and flower arrangements in the various com- petitions and supporting countless fund- raising events. Lois was an enthusiastic communicator, a personal characteristic that enabled her to build strong friendships within Ufford. Friends will remember Lois’s sense of fun. Highly social, she loved parties, and if they involved dressing up too, Lois was first in line. She loved a laugh. A good friend to the village, Lois took so much from her time in Ufford and she gave so much back too.