Ufford PUNCH May 2019

Page 25, Ufford PUNCH, May 2019 Mondays ……...….. Tuesdays…………. Wednesdays….…... Thursdays …….… Fridays…………… Saturdays ……..…. Parent & Toddler Group 13:30 - 15:15, Melton, during term time Morning prayer 09:30, Melton Said Eucharist 10:00, Melton. Evening prayer, 17:00, Melton No service Morning prayer 09:00, Ufford Said Eucharist 10:00, Ufford Mrs Marguerite Kenny T: 01394 420817 Mrs Jan Purcell T: 01394 460338 ST MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION, UFFORD (United Benefice with St Andrew’s Church, Melton) Rector of Melton & Ufford: Revd Paul Hambling Assistant Priest: Canon Penny Brown Church Office, St Andrew’s Church, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1PX T: 01394 387491 E: rector.uffordmelton@gmail.com W: www.uffordchurch.org.uk Churchwardens of Ufford: There seems to be a great need for us inquisitive human beings to know exactly what is going on how when and why. If we don’t know what’s going on sometimes we can make it our busi- ness to find out, and if we don’t find out then perhaps we put our own interpretation on it. We like to get ‘behind the scenes’. The Church of England and indeed how people express faith is at a time of great change. We are facing a decline in church attendance and indeed a decline in people believing that which is taught about Jesus Christ. I’ve never been someone who forces or imposes my belief in Jesus Christ onto anyone, what I have always strived to do is to present that which I be- lieve to be true. The church is facing a challenge! You’ve heard me say many times before that we are here to show that Jesus loves all people regardless of who they are, all are equal in his sight. The challenge for us is that St Mary of the Assumption, which has been our parish church for many many hundreds of years takes a lot to maintain. Church is about more than the building, it is about people and maintaining our love for Christ in one another. Our church building is a beacon of that love. It does not belong to us, it belongs to God and to all of God’s people here in Ufford and beyond. My hope is that we will be able to continue God’s good work in this place for many more hundreds of years. So well behind-the-scenes at St Mary of the Assumption we face huge financial implications. We are currently running a deficit of approximately £9000 per year. Now before you think that this is the church asking for your money it isn’t, it is simply giving you the facts. The church council are going to be looking at ways in which we can reach out to you all and to show God’s love for you and to welcome you into your parish church where we hope you will find God’s love and feel the energy of many hundreds of years of sharing God’s love in Ufford. Without getting rid of our tradition or our inheritance, we would like to look at ways of being more relevant to what’s going on in the world today. So give us your ideas, tell us how we can help you, how you may be able to help us, and how we can continue to be the people of God in this place. With my love and prayers, Fr. Paul At the APCM on March 24 th Marguerite Kenny & Jan Purcell were elected as Church Wardens for a further year. The PCC are Revd. Paul Hambling, Canon Penny Brown, Marguerite Kenny, Jan Purcell, Terry Purcell, Jenny Searle, David Beard, David Levett and Karen Davies