Ufford PUNCH July 2019

Page 3, Ufford PUNCH, July 2019 Welcome to the Ufford PUNCH: TheWater Issue www.uffordpunch.org.uk - FOR THE FULL COLOUR EDITIONS Ufford PUNCH July edition: The next issue will be ‘Wickham Market’. Deadline Saturday July 13, 2019 Ufford PUNCH EDITORIAL Leann Giovnilli (even months) Kevin Young (odd months) temp@uffordpunch.org.uk PUNCHline: Lyn Taylor - 01394 460253 reporter2@uffordpunch.org.uk Judi Hallett PUNCHline@uffordpunch.org.uk DISTRIBUTION: Gill Cooper - 01394 461148 ADVERTISING: Adrian Smith - 01394 461179 adman@uffordpunch.org.uk OUR REPORTERS David Beard reporter@uffordpunch.org.uk Helen Paxton reporter3@uffordpunch.org.uk Alex Bennett proof@uffordpunch.org.uk Ros Smith - secretary & archivist secretary@uffordpunch.org.uk Vic Bellingham treasurer@uffordpunch.org.uk SUBSCRIBE: If you live outside the parish but want to receive a copy of the Ufford PUNCH directly to your door, why not subscribe now for £17.50 pa. To receive your 12 copies by post, one each month, please contact Gill Cooper above. Get the latest village news first via our digital newsletter the Ufford PUNCHLine. To subscribe email: punchline@uffordpunch.org.uk Have you heard it on the PUNCHLINE? DISCLAIMER : Whilst every due care is taken to ensure the accuracy of content the Ufford PUNCH Committee cannot be held responsible for the views, statements or the advertisements expressed editorially. We cannot guarantee inclusion of a contribution but all contributions that are then included are subject to editing. The decision of the Committee is final. © Ufford PUNCH. Printed by Gipping Press / gippingpress.co.uk Ufford PUNCH & Ufford PUNCHLINE TM registered Getting left behind when everyone else is going off to events that you never even heard of? Feel left out of pub conversations about the latest banjo concert or dancing chicken show? Tired of run- ning up huge electricity bills as you browse through endless inter- net pages? Well, starting this month your handy PUNCH is trying out a guide to things happening outside the borders of Ufford. If you know of any unmissable events we should include this summer, let us know. Meanwhile, if you’re walking the footpath that runs between Spring Lane and the junction of Loudham Lane and East Lane, look out for a fine display of wild flowers planted by William Notcutt under the countryside stewardship scheme. These include Birdsfoot Trefoil, Vetch, Sainfoin, Lucerne, Black Knapweed, Phacelia, Red Campion, White Campion, Black Medick in amongst small bramble, nettles and assorted regenerating grass- es. It’s part of an ongoing plan and well worth a look. Kevin