Ufford PUNCH January 2019

Page 4, Ufford PUNCH, January 2019 The White Lion Quiz, or how to survive a long dark winter by Kevin Young Quizzes, Clubs and Classes Are you exceptionally intelligent, eru- dite, competitive, well-read and blessed with an eidetic memory? Do you know what eidetic means? If the an- swer to all these questions is yes, then you’re better off staying at home watching reruns of University Chal- lenge, because we certainly don’t want you showing the rest of us up. But if you fancy weathering a cold winter evening with a beer and some friendly competition amongst pleasant compa- ny, then the White Lion on alternate Tuesdays is the place to park yourself. The pub quiz starts at 20:00 but most arrive earlier for food or to get a head start on the picture round. There’s no pressure to win, in fact many teams claim that they deliberate- ly aim for second place because the victors have the onerous (but not thankless) task of setting the questions for the next quiz. It’s a lame excuse that nobody really believes, but an accepted way to save face. The quiz started around 2011. In the past there have been matches with other pubs but that has not happened recently. Each quiz consists of 10 rounds of 10 questions plus a picture round. The difficulty of each round varies greatly, from easy-going to downright mean, often reflecting the personality of the person who sets them. Team Doubt are the White Lion equivalent of the Mercedes Formula 1 Gerry your genial quizmaster Dogged Attempt listen to their master’s voice team, astonishingly efficient and well- oiled. The identity of their star perform- er is a carefully hidden secret, though some say it’s the Tig*. But several teams contend for first place. Rose- mary’s Babies are annoyingly precocious, Paris are intermittently unstoppable, Proper Charlies are unsinkable in nauti- cal rounds, and Dogged Attempt are charismatic and persistent, with DeeZees and Badgynoops snapping at their heels. All are welcome, either to form their own team or to join an existing one, so come along and give it a try. * This is a failed attempt at a dated Top Gear Joke A pair of Babies Some samples from the December quiz: What bodily function do Wombats do oddly? Lidl has their most Northern shop in which country? Where would you find a Lych gate? Who came second in this year’s world cup? Where was Roxie Hart from? Answers on page 7