Ufford PUNCH May 2019

Page 4, Ufford PUNCH, May 2019 It takes a village to raise a child, and 10 villagers to produce a magazine Behind the scenes at the Ufford PUNCH This magazine is a team effort. A whole group of unpaid and unsung people working in the background to create and edit content, lick stamps and distribute magazines. Well this month they’re still unpaid but they are getting sung. Here’s your guide to what goes on and who does what (in their own words). LEANN GIOVNILLI Co-Editor Until very recently my life was top and tailed by the date of the PUNCH Committee meeting and the printer deadline for receipt of the finished magazine. With Kev- in and I now alternating production of the magazine, it’s only every other month that a personal panic ensues. Collectively we aim to have an idea of our monthly themes at the beginning of the year. These are not bind- ing, but more a way to encourage contribution from villagers on specialist subjects or local issues. We also have regular contributors, and there are always club items and church news. Each of our contributors are guided by a word count and because we have finite space (and time) we love it when we do not have to edit some- thing by half. Because there is little flexibility in our space – imagine each page is a bucket, once it is full it just overflows and disappears – we do have to cut some items but we try to do this without losing the flavour of things and it is always the last resort. The committee (plus Leann, inset, whose contract stipulates a separate photo). Seated: Helen, Ros, Gill, Alex, Lyn. Standing chivalrously: Vic, Kevin, Adrian, David. Photo by David Beard. Photo opposite: Helen Paxton Checking contents – dates, times, names, permission to print photographs etc – is also our job and this can hold us up. Managing the different ways that items are sub- mitted – paper, pdf, odt, text etc, their timing and maybe their (not as requested) theme is a lengthy job and to get them all into an agreed proof between the Sunday dead- line and Thursday meeting is pressured. We do have simple guidelines for editorial production, but we have a number of rebels on the team and these are not always followed. All in all the layout is probably the hardest and lengthiest job; neither are the easy fill they may seem. ... KEVIN YOUNG Co-Editor I first got involved soon after we arrived here, helping Angela Linforth assemble our 21st birthday edition in January 2018, and when she left to run a proper grown up magazine for D.C Thomson I somehow found myself editing alternate editions with Leann. Sometimes it’s great fun and sometimes it’s a hard slog, as she says. She’s a crazy perfectionist. And I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, as officially diagnosed by the prestig- ious Wikipedia Institute of Hypochondria. My editions have all sorts of faults that distress her greatly, such as when I inadvertently write Punch instead of PUNCH. I’d like to see us running more coverage of issues and